Speedy, Text prompts from a _blank canvas.

Generative Fill Designer

When Firefly beta (AI) came out within Photoshop 25.0.0 I started experimenting with this tool, after DALLĀ·E, Stable Diffusion, Runway ML, Freeway ML, among others, this is the first more advanced integration of AI within the Adobe suite.

In addition to the rapid wauww effect, it is interesting to critically explore what this application will mean for the future of photography and the design profession.


By leaving the prompt of the selected area empty, PSD (Firefly) will fill it in itself. This experiment was not one simple act, but making selections over a longer period of time without specifying the content. Step by step, PSD is able to erase a historical moment.

source; Jose Luis Magana | Credit: APCopyright: Copyright 2020 The Associated Press.

Larry, Text prompts from a _blank canvas.

During the summer the most beautiful holiday pictures appear on Instagram, to reverse this tradition I decided to trash my holiday pictures. (Assisi, Italy - July 2023).

Someone lost his bust in front of my house, one of the first experiments I did with Firefly.